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"Slam" Bronze Marlin & Sailfish Coastal Sculpture

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Product Description

This realistic bronze sea life sculpture features a large marlin and two sailfish leaping upward over a bronze ocean wave. Finished with a vividly colorful, hand applied patina. Mounted on a polished, solid marble base. Excellent fishing trophy award with ample room on the base for small plaques or engravings.

Measurements: 24" H x 13.5" W x 8" D

This is an heirloom quality lost wax cast bronze piece that will last for years to come. It is made of the finest materials and will not ever fade, chip, crack or rust. We have a wide selection of both outdoor and indoor bronze sculptures. Please message us if you are unable to find the piece you are seeking—we will do the work for you!

The artists and craftsmen of the SPI gallery are proud to present this beautiful piece of artwork. It is sculpted and cast in our own foundries, each piece is meticulously hand finished by our own patina artists.

Using the hot patina technique, the same method used in works found in the finest art museums, our patina artists first apply a cold chemical patina to the lost wax cast sculpture. Artists then use blow torches to heat the solid bronze or brass sculpture upwards of 250 degrees. While the metal is hot, proprietary formulations of chemicals are applied using various techniques section by section, one layer at a time. Many layers and several hours later, the piece is allowed to cool, and several layers of special wax are applied.

The result is a spectacular, deep and transparent finish with complex subtleties that no other finishing method can achieve. Because every piece is finished individually by hand, no two pieces are ever exactly alike. Each unique piece of art is signed, hallmarked and mounted on a genuine marble base. The finished sculptures are truly a handmade heirloom to be cherished for generations and admired by all.

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