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Container Decorative Water Crystals Vase Filler Clear

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Product Description

Although we carry a variety of vase fillers, these are our absolute favorite! These beads soak in water expand into the beautiful crystals that you see above. Each bottle makes 5-6 gallons of crystals.

These are non-toxic and can be used with fresh flowers, through they do absorb moisture and therefore are not ideal for long-term storage of fresh flowers. We recommend they be used with fresh flowers for only short periods of time, such as events.

The clear crystals are our most popular as you can just add liquid food coloring to the water as you soak them to make them whatever color you desire. If you purchase a pre-colored bottle you can soak the beads to get the color pictured or you can wash the beads off before soaking them to adjust the color to be lighter.

Measurements: .5" - .75" Diameter

Instructions: Place the crystals with the specified amount of water in a bowl or vessel for approximately 12 hours to achieve maximum volume. Use one liter of water for every 2.5 teaspoons of crystals. Each bottle makes approximately 5-6 gallons of inflated crystals. They will gradually lose their volume over time, the crystals last a maximum of 2 months.

How much will I need?

Each bottle makes 5-6 gallons of crystals, or about 80 cups. The easiest way to determine how many bottles you need is to fill your container(s) with water and measure how many cups of water it fills. For every 80 cups of water your container fills, order one bottle.