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Aquascape Build a DIY Garden Waterfall Kit

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Product Description

This professional pondless waterfall building kit eliminates the need of trying to piece together the perfect combination of equipment and liner to create a beautiful waterscape in your backyard or at your place of business. This kit includes everything you need to create a stunning water feature except for the rocks, plants and imagination! This is a professional quality kit with extremely high-end components that are made for years of worry free operation. Save time and money by purchasing all the pieces to your water garden at once. This kit is designed to create a small cascading water fall without the need for a pond as a water source. A small basin will need to be dug and filled with rocks and there is liner (pond liner) with this kit to create a watertight place for the pump to recycle the gushing water.

This kit is the perfect solution for smaller spaces such as the front of the home where there is not room for a pond but you still want the soothing sound of running water. This system is also child safe and your children will spend hours and hours playing in the falls.

This kit includes:

  • MicroCentipede Module: Provides space so that water can be returned to the pump
  • Filter: Microfalls Filter provides complete filtration
  • Pump: Aquasurge 2000 waterfall pump w/ plumbing assembly 10'x12' Pond Liner made from EPDM 45 mil fish-safe rubber, 20 year guarantee! Geotextile under-liner mat to protect liner from punctures and tears
  • Microsnorkel Vault: Provides pump access and allows you to check the water level in the system Fittings, sealants and accessories Complete instructions, guide and owner's manual

Comes complete with everything you need to build your pond as well as a 2 year warranty on all parts and pieces. In the event a piece is ever damaged or lost, we carry a full battery of replacement parts all of which can be shipped separately to you.

Measurements: Liner is 10'x'12?can easily create a 3 tier fall. Do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions about building a water garden. The task can seem like an enormous undertaking but we are here to help! With this kit and our helpful advice, building a scenic backyard pond will be a breeze! Please see the fountain section of our store for an array of bronze, brass, stone and resin fountains to add to your beautiful new waterscape.