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Aquabasin Pondless Reservoir Fountain Underground Pond Large

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Product Description

The Aquabasin Series of pondless reservoirs by Aquascape are designed to make decorative fountains accessible to any homeowner. Water features provide homeowners with a unique and creative way to decorate their outdoor space. Many people desire the soothing sounds of running water, but are not ready for a pond or simply can't afford one. The Aquabasin system gives you the ability to have a vast array of decorative water features in your lawn without the need of a pond.

The reservoir acts as a pond and the water feature is placed on top. The professional grade, high-density polyethylene structure will allow it to hold the heaviest water features, even solid stone! A pump is concealed beneath and you bury the basin so that the top is level with the ground—landscape the top of the piece to conceal the basin and beginning running your fountain!

Measurements: 45" x 45" x 14"; 75 gallon capacity; 4000 GPH pump max, can hold multiple pumps.


  • Professional grade, high-density polyethylene, double-walled structure gives it superior strength and weight distribution.
  • 18” diameter recessed middle area allows for larger pieces to be backfilled in order to increase stability.
  • Extra large water storage area holds up to 75 gallons of water, which means less maintenance and can accommodate pumps all the way up to 4000 gallons per hour.
  • 2-9” x 12” pump access panels to allow multiple pumps and easy access for maintenance.
  • Pre-drilled hole in the center that makes it easy to hook up plumbing.
  • Measuring out at 45” x 45” x 14”, the AquaBasin™ is ideal for catching the splash of some of those larger pieces so more water is retained.
  • Octagonal shape for maximum strength when backfilling and positioning decorative pieces.

The basin does not come with a pump or plumbing materials though we do carry kits designed specifically for the basin. The only requirement for the pump is that it needs to be completely submersible. Kits include Ultra series pump, water control valve, hosing, stainless clamps and an assortment of fittings.

350 GPH kit: $130

750 GPH kit: $200

2000 GPH kit: $279

Do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions about building a water garden. The task can seem like an enormous undertaking but we are here to help! Please see the fountain section of our store for an array of bronze, brass, stone and resin fountains to add to your beautiful waterscape.