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10 Minute White Sand Glass Hourglass Ribbed Glass

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Product Description

This 10 minute hourglass is finely crafted and features ribbed glass. This is for the white hourglass, the black is also available. Hourglasses were the first dependable, reusable and reasonably accurate measure of time. The rate of flow of the sand is independent of the depth in the upper reservoir, and the instrument will not freeze.

This hourglass is freestanding. The top and bottom are both flat so it can be used without a stand.

Measurements: 6" tall, 10 minute timer

Hourglasses are said to have been invented at Alexandria about the middle of the third century, where they were sometimes carried around just as people carry watches today. It is speculated that it was in use in the 11th century, where it would have complemented the magnetic compass as an aid to navigation. Recorded evidence of their existence is found no earlier than the 14th century, the earliest being an hourglass appearing in the 1338 fresco Allegory of Good Government by Ambrogio Lorenzetti.