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10" American Bald Eagle Bronze Sculpture

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Product Description

This elegant bronze eagle statue is lost wax cast and highly detailed for the relatively small stature. Made of high copper content bronze this piece will last a lifetime. Can be placed outdoors or in. This is one of several eagle statues that we carry, this being the smallest.

Measurements: 10" H x 10" W

Lost Wax Information

The exceptional detail inherent in these sculptures is created as each piece is cast using the lost wax method, which originated in ancient Egypt, and was later refined by the Romans and the artists of the Parisian Renaissance. After a plaster or resin mold is created from an original sculpture, hot wax is poured into the mold. When the wax hardens, all the finest details are captured in the wax. The wax impression is then encased in a refined clay, which is fired in a kiln and the wax melts away and is "lost". The void created by the melted wax is then filled with molten brass, which is identical to the wax impression that it replaces. Once the brass cools, the clay mold surrounding the brass cast sculpture is removed. This detailed replica is finished by hand, buffing, polishing and patinizing it to give the piece its verdigris (green-grey) or bronze final finish. The labor intensive lost wax casting process produces unique fountains and sculptures with exceptionally fine detail and lasting durability. Each piece is cast and finished by artisans one at a time, just as the originals were. Variations in color and finish reflect the individual craftsmanship of each piece.